Secoda is built to be super collaborative, so there's a number of ways to share the content you create with other people. Our permission levels ensure that they access this content exactly the way you want them to.

Ways to share

There are several different ways you can share the resource have in Secoda with folks inside and outside your workspace. Below is an overview of all the ways to share.

Share menu

First, here's a quick tour of the Share menu, which can be clicked at the top right of your resource.

  • Each row in this menu represents a different person or group of people you can share the resource with.

  • Copy link copies the resource's unique URL to your clipboard so you can share it with whoever you want. Still, only people with access to the resource can see it.

Share with your team

You can collaborate with other people in Secoda by adding them as members to your workspace. These can be your teammates at work, friends, or anyone you want to work with on data. Any resource in the workspace catalog that hasn't been shared is defaulted to be shared with all workspace members.

Share with individual teammates

Sometimes you'll want to share a resource with only select other members of your workspace — like a meeting doc you share with your manager, or notes for a small project team.

  • Click Share at the top right of a resource you want to share with these members.

  • Click the Add Users or Groups button and add the members you want by typing in their email addresses.

Share with groups

To make it easier to share with commonly-used groups (i.e. your company's engineering team or community team), you can create your own member groups and assign them permission to access resources.

Here are quick instructions for group sharing:

  • Go to Settings & Members and you'll see a list of all your members and guests. Click the Groups heading at the top of that list.

  • Click Create a group, give it a name, and add the members you want.

  • To share a resource with a particular group, go to Share at the top right of that resource, then click the Add people button. You'll see your groups listed in the invite pop-up that appears:

Share outside your team

You can invite people from outside your workspace to join as guests. Let's say you want to share a Secoda resource with an external contractor you've hired. Or perhaps you're the contractor and you want to share a page with a client. This is an ideal solution.

Quick instructions for sharing with guests:

  • Click Share at the top right of the Secoda resource you want to share externally.

  • Click the Add Users and Groups button and add the people you want using their email addresses.

  • Whoever you invite this way will receive an email with a link to the resource you've invited them to view or edit.

  • If you want to see all the guests in your workspace and the resources they have permission to access, go to the Members section of Settings & Members and go to the Users tab.

  • In this same window, you can remove guests from your workspace, change their access levels, or convert them to full members.

Stop sharing

If you have full access to a resource, you can disable sharing with anyone at any time.

  • Click on Share at the top right of the resource, and switch off access for your workspace, individuals, groups, or the public.

  • For guests, click Share and then select Remove from the dropdown next to their names. You can also go to Settings & Members, scroll down to find the guests you want, click on the dropdown to the right of their names and click the Remove button.

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