We are currently supporting table lineage for Snowflake, dbt, Redshift, and Bigquery, with support for Postgres, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server coming soon.

We had to write our own SQL parser to get this feature running so it's something we will be improving over time to handle more and more complex queries.

Secoda automatically extracts queries to generate data lineage. This can help data teams identify the downstream and upstream dependencies of a table easily. On each dependency, you will be able to see how many levels away a particular table is, with the ability to view the data in a visual form coming soon. Below are some screenshots displaying this information.

A small side note: Most data warehouses only have a query history of ~14 days, and since we extract lineage information based on those queries, we can't guarantee that an entire history of lineage will be available right away. But over time, Secoda can build up a better and better picture of lineage.

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