If you have set up Amundsen at your organization you can migrate your descriptions from Amundsen to Secoda following these steps.

  1. Export descriptions from Amundsen.

  2. Upload descriptions to Secoda.

  3. Verify descriptions.

1. Export descriptions from Amundsen

If you are using Neo4j as your database for Amundsen, you can run the following query inside of the Neo4j Browser to get your resource descriptions.

The column names description, description_source, resource_key and resource_type have to match exactly and be in the order above for the import method to work.

MATCH (r)-[:DESCRIPTION]->(d:Description)
RETURN d.description as description,
d.description_source as description_source,
r.key as resource_key,
labels(r)[0] as resource_type

Once the query is finished, you can export the results to a .csv file.

2. Upload descriptions to Secoda

Log into Secoda and go into the Settings > Settings. Create a backup of your current descriptions, if you'd like, by clicking "Export descriptions". Click the "Import descriptions" button and select the .csv file you exported in step 1, and wait for the success message.

3. Verify descriptions

Go to a data resource and confirm that the descriptions have been correctly imported. If you have any questions or issues please contact hello@secoda.co.

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