1. Create a Workspace

Workspaces are where you can securely find and understand your company data. You must create a workspace to connect your own data to Secoda.

When you create your user account you will be prompted to create a workspace. Once you have created one, you can invite anyone to join you so you can start collaborating!

2. Connect your Data

Once you've created your project, you can add your data. You have the choice of connecting to any of your data resources.

Once you add your data, your teammates in your workspace will be able to find and understand it (if they have the right access).

To connect to a data source, you'll need to create an integration. This is where you can specify your connection details.

3. Invite your Team

The easiest way to make your data easy to discover with others is to invite them into the workspace.

Click on the Settings and Members button in your Workspace to invite your team.

4. Connect to Slack

‚ÄčSecoda lets you easily connect your data catalogue to Slack to get notifications about schema changes, documentation changes and other helpful reminders.

To connect to Slack, go to Settings -> Slack -> Add to Slack

5. Search your data

Once your integrations have been imported and your teammates have been added, you can go in and search your data through the central search bar or the advanced search.

  • You can learn more about advanced search here

  • You can learn more about integrations here

  • You can learn more about our pricing and plans here

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